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CNC diamond cutting

PLEASE NOTE,  we only recut genuine OEM alloy wheels.

Diamond cut alloys are becoming more popular with many manufacturers fitting them as standard and can be very expensive to replace if they’re damaged or corroded. Our state of the art CNC diamond turning lathe can remanufacture you alloy wheels to the highest standard at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel.

The alloy wheels go through the same process as a conventional powder coated alloy wheel refurbishment but after the initial colour is fully cured its taken out the oven and allowed to cool naturally. It’s then fitted to the Lathe and plotted into the computer before removing a thin layer of the base metal to reveal the highly polished aluminium underneath (like a CD). The complete wheel is then fully re-masked on the rear and silicone plugs fitted in the bolt holes before been clear coat lacquered with the latest OE products.

FAQ’s about Diamond Cut alloy wheels.

How can i tell if my alloys are diamond cut?

Diamond cut alloys are very shiny in appearance compared to conventually painted alloy wheels. Usually if there are 2 colours on the wheel ie black inside the spokes and silver on the front, its most likely a diamond cut alloy wheel (see picture).

Can all diamond cut alloy wheels be re-cut?

We need to see every wheel in person either loose or on the car to make a decision if it’s safe and possible to cut the wheel again. Usually there is enough to re-cut the wheels a couple of times from new, but if not don’t worry we can always powder coat the wheel in one of our many colours.

How durable is a diamond cut alloy wheel?

Corrosion is the most common cause of diamond cut wheels failing. This is because there is only one layer of protection between aluminium and the outside elements. This can be seen as a milky/cloudy appearance between the clear coat and the face of the wheel.  The smallest stone chip can start the ingress of water underneath the coating leading it to fail.

If i leave my wheels will they get worse?

If left in the open without re coating once damaged the wheel will deteriorate over time, if later a customers wants to change to a full colour the damage caused by the corrosion can often be seen in fine silvers and light greys as small marks that are actually heavy corrosion eaten into the casting.

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