alloy wheel refurbishment hull, east yorkshire.

Our Powder coating process

When searching for the best options for getting your alloy wheels repaired you want to be sure you are getting the best service backed by our 12 month guarantee. We only use the best products with a combination of powder coat and wet spray to create that OE fresh feel time after time.

Upon arrival

Once the wheels are onsite the old valves and balancing weights are removed before each wheel is individually checked for straightness & buckles, once we know the wheel is in good condition for refurbishment it is hot pre washed before the chemical stripping process.

Chemical paint stripping.

Every single alloy wheel we do is placed in the chemical stripping bath, this will strip the wheel of all previous coatings. The bare alloy wheel is then neutralised and re hot washed.

Repairs and shot blasting

We now have a clean bare alloy wheel and can see any damage to any part of the wheel. If needed at this point we can add metal with the welder and re shape and blend the repairs into the rest of the casting. The alloy wheel is then shot blasted to clean any remaining stubborn bits of paint and leaving the perfect metal profile for powder coating.

Masking and plugging

Now the wheels are ready for the oven all bolt holes are bunged up with special heat resistant silicone plugs and the rear mating face is covered over to protect from coating.


The alloy wheel is now placed in the oven to help remove any trapped gasses from within the casting and sterilise the surface prior to powder coating.

 Powder and colour coat

 The alloys now undergo the powder coating process, we coat the complete wheel both outside and in. This ensures a long-lasting hardwearing finish using a large selection of OE colours and finishes as found on new wheels.

 Oven Cured 

The wheels are fully cured in the oven at 180 degrees to ensure a uniform fully cured coating.

Tyre fitting (when applicable)

 Once the alloy wheels have been allowed to naturally cool down we can fit brand new rubber valves and then refit the tyres will before digitally re balancing the wheel. (32 PSI is put in all loose wheels)

 Fitting to vehicle(when applicable)

 The wheels will be fitted back on to the vehicle and torqued back to the recommended manufactures specification, a Final wipe down and a digital tyre pressure check is now performed.


alloy wheel Refurbishment process

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